Welcome and Thanks

Thanks so much for joining me here on this my first blog/web site!

It’s taken me longer to create than I had imagined, but then I never imagined I would ever be doing this anyway!  Feels important to me to transition over to a site where we can be weaving webs of connection.  I am so grateful to receive stories and feedback from you all and I hope you will share them on this site, where posts can be shared with others.

Here is the recipe I posted in the latest newsletter.

Carob Coconut No Bakes are one of my fav and fastest treats to prepare.

Mix equal parts roasted carob powder and shredded unsweetened coconut, eyeball and melt an appropriate amount of coconut oil on low heat and mix in, add a scoop or two of tahini, almond and other nut butters. Depending on the consistency of the day your treats may be rolled into balls, dropped onto parchment paper like a haystack or they may even resemble bark. Chill your creations in the fridge/freezer for 5 – 10 mins, they will form quickly as the coconut oil solidifys.

Get creative and add spices, dried fruit and nuts, perhaps embelish with a gogi berry on top!

Sometimes I add cinnamon as it can help in the regulation of blood sugar.

Sometimes I add a pinch of cayenne to spice it up, increase circulation.

Would love to hear the variations you come up with as well as your fav recipes! I’m especially interested in sweet treats without sugar as I personally feel much more vital and emotionally balanced without them in my life.

Please post as well any tips for riding the waves in this wonderful & wobbly time on our beautiful planet. We will all benefit from the sharing!




3 thoughts on “Welcome and Thanks

  1. Kathleen says:

    Hi Dee !
    I came across this amazing site of yours just now , somehow …( can’t remember exactly how….., one minute I was looking for details on the Fernie Yoga festival and the next I ” landed softly in the forest “, it seemed !)
    Anyway , I copied the “carob coconut no bakes ” recipe down and will be making those soon. Meanwhile I’ll leave you with this addictive life giving drink that one simply can’t get enough of ! ( I imagine with a small plate of those “no bakes” and a tall glass of this “elixer” one would ride these wobbly earth times with ease ! )

    Goji Almond Milk

    In a blender put :

    6 cups almond milk —( store bought or homemade, recipe below . ) ( if your blender isn’t large enough adjust the recipe accordingly )

    2 tsp almond extract ( or more , to taste )

    2 tblsp flax oil ( or more , to taste )

    1 tsp celtic sea salt ( or other favourite salt )

    3/4 cups soaked goji berries

    Blend together until smooth and creamy .

    ( I actually cheat by soaking the berries in the almond milk , along with all the other ingredients in the blender …. then , when they’re soft and juicy ,I simply press “play” )
    Make your own almond milk by soaking 2 cups of washed almonds for 12 hours . Blend in 6 cups of water until smooth . Pour this through a fine seive or nut milk bag and squeeze until pulp is dry . Return the milk to the blender and continue with the recipe.
    ( Freeze or dehydrate the almond pulp to make breads and cookies sometime.)
    Thanx for your interesting site here !
    Take care , Kathleen 🙂

    • Kathleen says:

      Here I am replying to my own message !!!
      I just want to add that one really should use more like a cup of the dried goji berries ,and when they soak they’ll be more which will
      be great tasting and an amazing colour too !
      (3/4 is from the recipe book , but I used 1 cup dried ,soaked them and
      it is a guarantee for success 😉 )

      • KATHLEEN!!!
        What a pleasure it was to meet you this weekend, praising the medicine in the cracks in the sidewalk:)
        Perhaps we can enjoy some carob no bakes and a cup of this delicious gogi almond milk together in september, i will send you an email re: PINE time
        Thanks for wandering into the forest and posting

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