Thanks for encouraging me to join you again in this on-line community, and gratitude for the wise webs you all continue to weave. The past year has held the energy of turning in for me, doing some inner work and gathering my resources from within and around me locally, back in my home, in the mountain’s near Fernie, BC. I have been weaving webs here in the inspired East Kootenay’s, re-aquainting myself with this local nature and the amazing Plant People living here in these spectacular Rocky Mountains.  Recently, I  created a Website within which this blog is attached, different from the newsletter you received last year, as you now have the opportunity in this format to share as well. I would love to hear how life is for you!
I hope you will sign up on the left for my blog.

So here we are a over a month in to this auspicious year of 2012. The Ancients say that the end is near!!!!! I sure hope the end of the big head is coming, that we are entering into a time infused with more heart and less mind! I thankfully feel less mind-full and more heart available for the ride ahead. Could we be alive at a more interesting & exciting time? I am deeply infused with inspired creativity though certainly not without challenges as the energies on the Planet shift and change, this poem from the infamous WeMoon a few years ago is a reminder for me to relax and enjoy the ride.

The Path of the Little Sisters

“There is something happening on earth right now that has never happened before. We are not going to be able to think our way out of it. But there is a way to live through this, and it has to do with allowing ourselves to be guided. To be a little one again, to become like little children, allowing each step to be guided. ~ WeMoon 2009.excerpt from a book called Walking the Sacred Path by Zelima Xochiquetzal (i think i want to read this book, u?)

A group of us recently enjoyed a Plant Play Day with Oregon Grape, so hearty, Oregon Grape remains green and vibrant even underneath the frosty winter snow covers. A powerful ally for us in these changing times, we found that Oregon Grape can remind us to trust, to connect with the support systems around us, in our human and nature communities, to assist us in releasing tension and to look toward the future with positivity. Often, Plants by their very nature’s are showing us what there medicine helps with, spend a few minutes with an Oregon Grape Plant, feel it’s stem, leaves, can you feel the tension in this Plant? Some say like cures like! Who are your Plant & Tree Allies these days?

Oregon Grape

We Moon also has an affinity for the Plant World and as this article below indicates an affinity to Oregon Grape as well.
We Moon is an Astrological Moon Calendar , Datebook and Daily Guide to Natural Rhythms For Women, it is full up of Inspired Words and Art by Women for Women. I highly recommend picking one up at your local bookstore!

Flower Essences for 2012 – from WeMoon 2012 by Gretchen Lawlor

Flower Essences are among the few medicines that profoundly adjust our emotions and mental attitudes. The healing power of nature concentrates in these remedies, helping us to surrender stress and fear, opening our awareness to healthier possibilities and patterns.

Gigantic Sage Smudge Stick!!!!!!

In 2012, all will benefit from the use of Sage to illuminate the higher purpose behind monumental changes confronting us. combine this with Oregon Grape to lift paranoia and despair, which can open us to trust the goodness in others and in all of life.

Blend these two with a remedy to focus your force of will towards implementing sustainable behaviors in this significant year. Choose by your sun or rising sign, or use both. Take 1/4 dropper of the blend 2 – 4 times daily, especially upon waking or sleeping – particularly in May and June. You cannot overdose – use as needed. These flowers are chosen from widely available Bach or FES Essences.

Look here for your ally by sun or rising sign and to read more:

Aries: Zinnia to bring your playful, contagious good spirits to this revolution of awakening.

Taurus: Trillium strengthens your ability to blend resources for common good, mutual support.

Gemini: Buttercup offers courage to improvise a better future and inspires your neighbors to join in.

Cancer: Mariposa Lily opens your energetic field to receive and emanate nourishing comfort.

Leo: Holly fortifies you as a channel for good heartedness that unifies those around you.

Virgo: Elm strengthens your faith and confidence to broadcast your wisdom to a wider audience.

Libra: Mountain Pride gives courage to speak out for justice despite societal inertia/opposition.

Scorpio: Tiger Lily strengthens your feminine/yin capacity to function effectively within existing masculine/yang structures.

Sagittarius: Star Tulip amplifies wise inner voices that direct you to champion more inspired horizons.

Capricorn: Oak brings grace and adaptability to your determination to shepherd in a new world.

Aquarius: Blackberry strengthens the will to implement your brilliant progressive ideas.

Pisces: Fawn Lily empowers you to share your spiritual gifts as world-service, despite your sensitivity.

In addition to Bach and FES Flower and Whole Plant Essences can be purchased from Partner Earth Education Center as well as Wild Rose In Calgary and if you are living in my close by community, from me (ask me what local Plant/Flower Essences I have to share!)

I will be posting spontaneously, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, inspiration’s from Nature, the Plants, the Clan Mothers as well as Recipes and Tips for keeping ourselves healthy & vital.


I am delighted to be offering the joyful and incredibly healing opportunity to communicate and co-create with Plants at Quantum Leaps Lodge again in Golden B.C. the weekend of May 4 – 6.

Spring will be bursting forth on a very special piece of land!


Personal Plant allies are forever friends that can help with making life decisions, help heal dis-ease, bringing balance to the planet & a greater sense of well being within.

Smiles & Blessings,


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