how is it to
open the heart
n’ find something specific
when a bumblebee lights
the trail n’ a large leaf
cradles a snail. bright fire
flowers n’ three snails ascending
n’ old stocky tower n’ to discover
a trodden path i’m on
a path in existence
one that exists
illuminated by sun warmth
when dog spots my presence.
rain nested in leaf
reflects convexity (complexity)
violet n’ thistles
distinct by the annoyance of mosquito
birdsong n’ helicopters, subtle
camo jacket initiated by grass
with childlike games or flashbacks to war
crows drink from pixie cups, stumps
give life, are destruction, so soft (shiva)

DM – Kimberley (thank u:)

A poem that was gifted to me. It was written in the forest during a Plant Play/Workshop this past year…by a very creative young man…a stream of consciousness writing where we allow ourselves to enter the daydream of the Plant that has chosen to be our teacher for the day and allow everything that is happening within and around us to teach us and heal us as well.

Which of our dear and dazzlingly beautiful Green Friends have been singing to your heart this summer?

Return of the Light & Winter Musings


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