New Moon, Rose Hips and Kinks:)

Beautiful, Blessed New Moon between Eclipses, a powerful time!

Life is unfolding always, in such an abundant way, sometimes a little faster than I feel I can hold. When I remember how much I love the NATURE of my life’s work it’s easier and more fun to take another step in this spirally spin:)

I’ve been harvesting Rose Hips and drying them for the winter months. (more on Rose below)
As I reflect upon this season’s harvest, both inner and outer, the plants & green landscapes, those whose company I will miss, some day’s I feel wobbly in this time of transition to Winter. I find when I remember to feed my heart with gratitude for what is, I find myself softening into the beauty of the inward abundance that is unfolding. Rose is a heart medicine that reminds us to be grateful, through gratitude we can attract and magnetize more of the good, true and beautiful into our lives. As we know, the primary vibration we put out is the one that the Universe tends to respond to.

How is your harvest, both Inner and Outer? What are you harvesting?

I have been facilitating a Chakra Yoga, Nutrition & Herbalism series that allows us  to laugh at ourselves and share with others the neurotic little things we do when we  are energetically out of balance as well as bringing ourselves back into balance:) What is balance anyways?

“The  quirks and bends that constrict and flow together to create the uniqueness of you are not always meant to be transcended nor to be washed away. Kinks are the very humor of how you have been created. They are the very mold in which you, consciously or unconsciously, formed yourself. This is how you are expressing yourself in human form. Your kinks are not always meant to be overcome. Shine the light of your heart on your kinks! Accept, love, bless and make art out of your kinks.”

“To make art means to uplift other people with the bizarre and wonderful compilation that is you. See everyone else:look for their kinks. Don’t try to hide and playfully don’t allow others to hide. Do not just look for the good in others. See all of their natures-their light to their dark-and accept it all, in the same way you accept yours. Love their kinks. Love them. The way you can do this is to feel your Heart. Your heart is like a deep, warm, radiant sun. Shine your heart deeply into their kinks, their strangeness, their closures and their habits. Pour in that sun force of your Loving Heart. Let it warm and soften the shells of their kinks, and then bless them from the saint within you. Bless their whole being: their light to dark, their obstructions, their talents, their history, their family tree.  Lovingly and artfully show them how you are making art of your kinks, so they can transform their kinks into art as well.

“”Find the art in others, so that we all become the Living dance that is our inherent right, the real meaning of Free will and our True nature

“Satyen Raja~paraphrased from Living Ecstasy

Rose hips
When you think of roses, you probably think fragrance, beauty, softness, but how often do you think vitamin C, vascular system or capillaries? rosehipsDuring World War II, the English government organized the harvesting of all available rose hips to make vitamin C syrup, since fruits were virtually unattainable at the time. Rose hips are reported to have up to 60 percent more vitamin C than citrus fruit and are rich in bioflavonoids. Bioflavanoids are important to build and strengthen body tissue. This in turn strengthens

Rose hips are used by many today as a natural way to get vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K, and help to prevent and treat various infections, especially colds and flu. Rose hips are also taken to quicken the healing process for bruises and skin irritations. Inflammation and sore throat can find relief with rose hips.  Women receive extra benefits from rose hips which can help uterine cramps, heavy menstrual flow and some breast disorders.

In addition to vitamins C, E, and K, rose hips contain calcium, citric acid, iron, niacin, phosphorus, tannin, vitamin A, B1, B2, and P.

Stressed and tired? Rose hips can help. Nervousness? Try rose hips for relief. As a matter of fact, rose hips provide innumerable health benefits from skin, to the immune system, to the bladder.

Allow roses to die naturally on the bush and rose hips will form. They will start out green and turn to yellow, then red. Harvest them when they become completely red, after a frost. Be sure to leave some for the birds and perhaps bears.They should be soft but not mushy. Break the stems off as you pick them.

Spread the hips out and allow them to partially dry, where you can still remove the seeds, but they are no longer pulpy inside. When the skins begin to feel shriveled, separate the seeds from the fruit. Cut the hip in half and scrape away the seeds. You may want to use something such as a chopstick or other blunt ended tool to help do this. After removing the seeds, allow the hips to dry completely before storing.

Rose Hip Tea:

Crush 1 cup of dried rose hips and place into a covered container. Add one tsp. to 1 cup of boiling water. Brew for 3-5 minutes. Sweeten as desired.
You can also use 3-4 fresh rose hips that have been chopped. Add the boiling water
and brew as usual.

Smiles & Thanks for reading,


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One thought on “New Moon, Rose Hips and Kinks:)

  1. papahomsie says:

    Hi Dee. Thanks for the brilliant Sunday morning inspiration. Hope all is good in the Koots. All good here. Sharing your observations on the seasonal transitions. Wobbly is the perfect description. Hope you have a wondrous day. Love you. Dad Sent from my iPad


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