I am visiting my Mother’s, the one who gave me birth, the Mama Ocean and the Mama Gaia,  Earth Goddess Trees. What a gift!!!
I always thought Pura Vida meant Pure Life, and it does directly translated I believe, though from connecting with the Costa Rican people I am finding the meaning goes much deeper, for me.
Pura Vida, a gratuitous acceptance of the way things are and an affirmation to make the best of it as well as support each other in doing so:)
A pure life seems to equal a simple life, this is what these inspiring people are teaching me.
Can we be reminded enough??? Beautiful isn’t it? What does it mean to you?

Can you imagine new life beginning to stir beneath your frozen feet? I can! This may be because I am in the Tropics basking in the vibrant hues of jungle green.

ocean feet
I send you warm blessings:)

I am obviously in Plant Heaven…ridiculously grateful to be meeting and playing with Plants that are new to me, like the Itabo Tree whose gorgeous white Yucca flower (Flor de Hitavo, below) is very yummy & nutritious sauteed with eggs and onions. Here is a simple recipe along with many more traditional Costa Rican dishes.

CR Feb. 21 2014 030http://www.sanjosecostarica.org/english/recipes/recipes.php?recipe_id=2

To be in the colorful presence of the Rainbow Eucalyptus is a blessing!! Plucking  starfruit, papaya, mango, banana’s and coconut off the trees is a delight. Saturday trips to the market are a joyful experience.  A tub of ice cream can cost $10 whilCosta Rica Mom & Rick's Home 057e Tico families can buy enough nutritious vegetables and fruit at the Market to feed them all for a week on the same amount of dinero. This makes me smile:)

My birthday weekend  found me joyfully playing, dancing and learning at an incredibly creative  Sacred Movement & Music Festival called Envision in Puntarenas on the Pacific Ocean.  One of the highlights was meeting Sarah Wu from Punta Mona Center for Sustainable Living & Education, she led two very informative Plant Walk’s. I have included the video from one of these walks below where she shares about the Edible & Medicinal attributes of the Plant Foods used by the beautiful people making beautiful food in the Envision Cafe.



Sadly my IPOD’s memory became maximized before the end of the walk and talk though I did capture 35 minutes. This video is loaded with medicine…i learned ALOT about the edible and medicinal qualities of these plants as well as their origins…banana’s-papaya-ginger-garlic-turmeric (to treat staph infections)-watermelon-coconut (have you ever thought of using coconut water in your neti pot? Sarah has!) Check it out!!! If you know of any other unique uses for these plants post them!!!

Delicious food and rich cultural experience have been much the highlight of this trip, I am grateful to my Mother for her friendships with the local people allowing me the blessed experience of making relations while making corn tortilla/empanada in their kitchen as well as the opportunity to go back in time and press sugarcane manually. If these videos turn out I will post them at a later date, the family will be thrilled to make Youtube Super stardom and you will learn the technique to make a perfect tortilla, an artform!!!

Thanks so much for reading, for supporting me in this life work that brings me great joy!


Exciting Events & Offerings

Chakra Yoga, Nutrition & Herbalism – Heart Chakra to Nourish Immunity & Heart Health March 15th in Fernie Solar Chakra to Nourish Inner Fire and Adrenal Health, March 28th in Cranbrook

Weekend Plant Communication Workshop in Golden – May 30th thru June1st

I am delighted to be offering the joyful and incredibly healing opportunity to communicate and co-create with Plants at Quantum Leaps Lodge again in Golden again this year. Personal Plant allies are forever friends that can help with making life decisions, help heal dis-ease, bringing balance to the planet & a greater sense of  well being within. Hope you can join us:)


Community Supported Agriculture with IDEAL in Jaffray– Fresh bread/bee pollen/beautiful organic produce delivered to Cranbrook & Fernie. IDEAL  http://www.idealsociety.org/  Contact Yann Loranger for details yann.loranger@gmail.com

Five Rhythms with Evangelos from Calgary – Saturday, April 6th from 12-6 in Cranbrook @ Exhale Studiohttp://www.clearskycenter.org/meditation-a-retreats/workshops-a-courses/358-5rhythms-2014.html

Goddess Rising – International Women’s Day Event in Fernie – Saturday, March 8th from 10 – 5:30 http://goddessrisingfernie.blogspot.ca/p/register.html

Guided Drum Circle – Every Saturday @ 5pm in the Yurt at IDEAL in Jaffray – contact Gui Hom GyaanMail@gmail.com>

Pura Vida!


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