Solstice Storytelling & Summertime Herbal First Aid

I trust this first day of Summer is infusing you with laughter and light:)

Summertime elicits feelings of expansiveness, conjures up images of gathering with friends and family and sharing around the warmth of campfires. May the fantastic flowering plants and the story of Firefly below be a reflection and an inspiration for us, to shine our lights and share our stories. We can re-write the telling of our stories if we wish to, adding an infusion of laughter at our attempts to preserve our limitations, while embodying and celebrating the lessons we are learning. Perhaps the universe will then stop putting us in the same old classrooms!!!


Let’s feed our culture more and more celebratory stories to amplify collective celebration and healing!

In this moon’s teachings of the 13 Original Clan Mother’s, Storyteller shares the story of how Firefly got his blinking light. Many, many long moon’s ago, the Firefly was known by another name. He was a star and his name was Forgets to Twinkle. His seven brothers and sisters were bright stars holding the Seven Sacred Directions, not yet aware of his divine purpose Forgets to Twinkle got lost in comparison. He was tricked by playful Coyote to come closer to the Earth than stars are meant to and coyote swallowed him. In the belly of Coyote, Forgets to Twinkle was forced to shine to find his way out. Unable to return to the Sky Nation, the Earth Mother granted him the honor to live on Earth as part of the Insect Tribe lighting up the star on his tail, shining bright in remembrance of his family in the sky. The story of Firefly reminds us to remember who we are and where we have come from, to give our gifts and to shine our lights bright!!

Storyteller tricks us into growth through laughter! She shows us how to use humor to dispel our fears and how to balance sacredness with irreverence.

Read the whole wonderful story in the 13 Original Clan Mother’s, a tapestry of oral tradition from the medicine lodges of women, thankfully for us Jamie Sams wrote the teachings down:)

clan mothers book

Summertime First Aid Remedies Courtesy of our Mama Earth

Arnica arnica

Cream or salve can be applied for relief of muscle aches and stiffness, due to minor injuries, overexertion, falls, and blows. Also reduces pain, swelling and discoloration from bruises. Fomentations of horsetail, plantain and shepherd’s purse can also be applied over pulled muscles.

Chickweed chickweed

Is not only delicious, nutritious and widespread (found in almost all lawns and gardens) but it is a versatile first aid plant. It can be used for all kinds of skin disorders, ranging from rashes, abrasions to bruises and boils, blisters and burns. Lotions and salves can be found at herb shops or look online to find out how to make your own lotions and poultices.

Lavender essential oil The essential oil of lavender is one of the only essential oils that can safely be applied to the skin without diluting it in a carrier oil. Applying lavender oil will take the sting out of the burn, and heal it quickly. It’s calming aromatherapy properties will help to ease the emotional upset of a painful burn. Aloe Vera is great for burns as well as plantain, a blistered sunburn will find much relief and healing under a poultice of plantain.

Plantain leaves, plantain

Freshly picked can be placed in your shoes to prevent blisters.
For stings:

Plantain removes the sting, cleans the wound and gifts relief. Also removes the sting from encounters with Nettle.
Pick a few leaves of plantain from a clean source.(away from roadsides and places where chemicals are sprayed.)
Chew the leaves up real good keeping the plant matter and saliva in the FRONT of your mouth. Spit it out on to your bee or wasp sting site. Hold it on the sting site for a few minutes until you feel relief. Repeat if necessary. If person is having an allergic reaction, of course, use epi-pen and/or seek medical attention.

An old herbalists tale” “When a toad is bitten by a spider it runs to plantain for help.”

Yarrow yarrow 2

has long been nicknamed “nature’s bandage” for very good reason. A fresh leaf can be crushed and applied to a cut, after the wound is cleaned, to help stop bleeding and seal the wound. Yarrow flowers can be rubbed into the skin or crushed and worn to keep mosquitos away.

Water is our lifeblood. Hydrate yourself well by drinking half of your body weight in ounces daily. Source fresh, clean, moving spring water.

Next time you visit the forest or your lawn give thanks for these helpful, healing friends!

Of course, there are so many more ways we could praise the healing plants, please leave comments sharing your stories and knowledge of healing with plant medicine:)



Solstice Storytelling & Summertime Herbal First Aid:)


2 thoughts on “Solstice Storytelling & Summertime Herbal First Aid:)

  1. Cathy Smith-Clark says:

    Great notes on healing plants. Thank you so much. I have yellow
    Yarrow & Hyssop growing in the front yard. Cathy

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