The first brave & beautiful flower:)


Holy gorgeousness!

Can you feel the powerful medicine in this photographic expression of the spring crocus? I had the blessed opportunity to sit with these beauties recently, in awe of my divine appointment with this moment that knew how much my heart desired to shatter it’s wintry self in the dance with this new life, this spring crocus flower.
~~~~I love the way moments fully expressed move~~~~
I love my work, I am especially touched as I reflect upon this wintery work’s past with women. I love the way women heal, their ability to express themselves fully and deeply surrender, “the seed cannot see what the flower will be”. I love the way women call back their strength, their wholeness, their exquisteness. I love the colors of their bloom, the sound of their laughter, the pretty way they dance in the sun.

Beautiful Photo Credit: Woody Maguire


One thought on “The first brave & beautiful flower:)

  1. Boosie says:

    Amen to that sister!

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