About Me & Contact Info

I have been on a journey of glorious and at times face down in the dirt healing since my late teens, practicing & receiving certification in Yoga, Reiki, Holistic Nutrition, Family Herbalism, Raindrop Aroma ~ Therapy and all things to do with Plants and Healing along the way.

I share with you, wide eyed with wonder and inspired, as the natural world continues to astound & heal me everyday. I give thanks as a wonder filled tapestry of the healing arts is being woven inside of me. These are my offerings and if they should resonate, I wish to share these healing gifts with you!

Contact me by telephone at 250-427-8122 and by email elementsofself@gmail.com


7 thoughts on “About Me & Contact Info

  1. Doug says:

    Hello Denise
    I was at a silent meditation retreat @ Quantum Leaps Lodge on the weekend. I noticed a small laminated poster that had a list of vitamins and minerals and which foods contained them. It was so well laid out and clear to read. I took your info from the bottom of the poster because I would love to get one for my Kitchen.
    I live in Calgary and am wondering if I might be able to pick on up here?

    • Hi Doug,

      Trust you had a wonderful retreat at Quantum:)
      Thanks for appreciating the chart.
      Unfortunately I don’t have any in Calgary.
      I could mail you one if you like, the last time I mailed one it cost almost as much to ship as it does to buy though.
      They are $15 each and I believe the shipping was $12.
      We sell them at the Cottonwood Tree natural Foods Store in Fernie!!!
      Perhaps you are planning a trip to BC.
      Please let me know if you’d like me to send one to you.


  2. Kathy stead says:

    Hi ..just got back into town and saw your class tomorrow eve ..is it still available?

  3. Ericka says:

    Hello Denise,

    I was wondering if you will be doing any more workshops on plant communication after May as I would love to attend but am unable to make it for that time.



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