Classes, Workshops & Local (East Kootenay) Events


Dance Church

Join us at Centre 64 in Kimberley to celebrate & lift the collective vibe! June 18th from 10 – 11:30 am.


Dance Church is a lightly guided movement practice as well as a moving meditation. Join us to celebrate getting thru this crazy beautiful thing called life together, to dance our prayers/intentions, for ourselves, families, communities and all our relations.

Shake old stories from your cells, bodies, bones, shake out your fears, anxieties and inauthenticities, fill up and send out the lifted vibes that moving in conscious community creates.

10 dollar recommended donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.


The session will be lightly facilitated by Dee and Woody, with an inspiring, soul stirring mix of music.

For questions please contact Denise Holden or Woody Maguire /


Women’s Circles


After 6 years of circling monthly in Fernie & Cranbrook guided by the inspiration of the 13 Original Clan Mother’s circling is gearing down to an intermittent pace…check back for the next circle date:)

“Perceiving Nature with the Eyes of the Heart”

During this two and half day intensive we will explore Traditional Knowledge woven with modern findings in the realm of Plant Consciousness.   

Inline image 1

When the dandelions begin to break through the cracks in the sidewalk!  Dates TBA.

Willing to travel for groups of 6 or more:)

Edible & Medicinal Plant Walks

In addition to identifying and praising the edible & medicinal uses of local plants we will explore introductory practices for self and earth healing:)

In the flowering season. Dates TBA

Hopefully the Kundalini Yoga Collective will be back together this Autumn/Winter. Until then I am teaching small classes in my home studio and usually once a month at Meadowsweet In Kimberley. Please be in touch if you would like to be sent an email when classes are happening:)


Chakra Yoga, Nutrition & Herbalism

chakras jan fb

An exploratory Journey through the Energy Anatomy


Yoga postures, guided meditation & movement, deep relaxation, color & sound with the knowledge of how to nurture our bodies and spirits with Plants as Food and Medicine to correct imbalances in the body and Energetic System.

We will explore each Chakra in depth, the mental and emotional patterns they can carry, taking tools home with us to cleanse and re-balance our own Systems.

Dates TBA 

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